CarDealer web solution

Hyundai web site
Client Hyundai Tunisia
Year 2016
Project Web solution
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" Simplifying what's complicated, while focusing on the most important "

This is the first tenet of Hyundai's brand essence. So it is only natural that the merging of both our visions is a match made in heaven. We couldn't dream a of a better incubator for our Cardealer platform. A solution that facilitates website management, updates as well as KPI collection.

hyudnai dashboard
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Simple Concept Cardealer Web solution.

Eight years now that we spent cultivating the Cardealer platform and Hyundai is pleased to reap its many benefits. What started out as a fledgling project has now grown into a sturdy solution that has aged well thanks to its use of state of the art technology. Cardealer is now assisting 6 different clients and has witnessed peaks of 30k visits per hour.